25. srpna 2008 v 9:36 | Anya =*
For everybody:¨
I'm not Czech!!! Ceers!!
Do you want me get back up?! Yeah??
It's ridiculous....Please, shut up already!!
I'm not real keen on..!and when I dont understant!!!
Fuck off!

I'm here, but yesterday... Iľl go out!:D

21. srpna 2008 v 17:36 | Anya =* |  About my day
I'am here, but yesterday.. I'll go out..(again):D
I won't be able to write articles..
Now, I am happy... so, Sorry..
Anya ´* Luw Ya!

What are you saying..about unbelief?

20. srpna 2008 v 16:10 | Anya =*
émoticones tronche 55Hi,
What are you saying about unbelief?..I'll never be unfaithful... because we both (girl with boy)..uhm.. We trust of our love:D And I'll never ..eh..I don't wanna hurt him.. anymore...
And you? what's your answer?
Anya =*

Today.. I Am not here:-P

20. srpna 2008 v 14:05 | Anya =* |  About my day
earlier today I'm not here:)
but, this is preset article :-P
Now, I am still with my friends:)
I'll come about nine or ten o'clock:)
Bye Anya =*

Today=* 20.8/08

20. srpna 2008 v 10:42 | Anya =* |  About my day
http://i4.piczo.com/view/2/5/5/z/l/2/0/u/z/c/v/d/img/i195661588_29534.gif?redirsrc=img- 20.8/08
-I don't know, :D
-nothing x)
-pyjamas xD and t-shirt with shorts..:)
-MTV, VIVA, Jetix
music-Simple Plan, Chris Brown, Panic At The Disco and
online.gif image by spookys-graphix- ONline ICQ and Skype
study.gif image by spookys-graphix-No, not yet (again):D
-Uhm, yeah:D Black shadows..:)
love-1.gif love image by spookys-graphix-Still *IN LOVE*

What´s wrong..uhm. what´s wrong now =[

19. srpna 2008 v 21:56 | Anya =* |  About my day
Good evening,
and What's Up??
I stare like an idiot..
Maybe.. Yeah, It's my faul, that I didn't tel Coco.. (all about me and my sister), simply.. I need some design.. That is why, I wrote my sister and she wrote Coco:D complicated ;) I Know.. I hope that's clear..And solved..
It's going to be okay..
I don't lie...Realy! I can't speak your language..
And..any more problem? Write me here!.. Thanx!

It's raining girl! xD

19. srpna 2008 v 16:34 | Anya =* |  About my day
I am happy.. Because is very sunny day and I can go out:D
I'll take the tram.. I want see (again) Picadily Cirkus =)
But...Everything is upside-down:D:D - funny:D
I'll take a picture!:D like German tourist!:D
I hope,
will not raining!:D
Anya =*

Hemp? No, thanx?..=*

19. srpna 2008 v 15:09 | Anya =* |  About me
emoticon-mushroom10.gif picture by chili_2712What do you thing of smoking cigaretts?
I thought that.. smoking is crap...
But I Live between smoker.. and now, I too.... I too smoke...emoticon-mushroom16.gif picture by chili_2712
And YOU? emoticon-mushroom12.gif picture by chili_2712